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INTERVIEW: Simon Luxton

We talk art, bodyboarding, punk rock, BBQ and influences with Australian artist, Simon Luxton, the man behind the Circle Jerks inspired ‘DK Jerks’ artwork.

We are all just future ghosts piloting a meat suit that occupies a tiny rock floating through endless nothing so go out and do cool shit and try not to hurt anyone in the process…

Where you based?
I’m based in Tuncurry, New South Wales in Australia but I’m originally from Tasmania.

Your background is in graffiti yes? How did you get started in the world of art? Who are your influences when it comes to art? 
Well if you go waaaaay back to when was about 6 years old you’ll see a 2 bedroom apartment covered floor to ceiling with my first drawings as my mum never threw anything away. Since then I’ve always used art as a form of recreation even to this day I fucking love to create! 
I’ve been doing the graffiti thing for the last 10 years or so and also been tattooing for the past 6. As far as doing it as a profession I slowly got into doing murals, canvas and illustration commissions as a side hustle (I was working in cafes and bars so there was always a logo to design or a wall to paint) and gradually moved into it full time then evolved into tattooing. (I’ve since ceased tattooing full-time due to its lack of creative control offerings and the fact that I fucking hate having a boss) my influences are constantly changing as my nomadic personality allows me to get bored too easily if I’m feeling stagnant. Music is always a good way to drift off from the daily routine and get the juices flowing and also scrolling social media for inspiration can sometimes help, but some of the main guys I will always look up to are Mike Giant, Jim and Jimbo Phillips, Ben Brown and waaaay too many tot think of right now.

How do you fit into the bodyboard/surf scenes? Favourite riders?
I’ve been a bodyboarder for around 30 years and when I was younger that’s all I ever wanted to do. Unfortunately living on the wave starved north west coast of Tassie meant the sessions were few and far between so when it was on we milked every second we could. Downtime was usually spent watching every booger vid we had over and over and I always had a sketchbook on hand for scribbling waves, board shapes, logos, inventing new manoeuvres, boobs etc. I used to actually charge 10 bucks to draw on the slicks of my mates boards with bootleg logos and obscene illustrations as we were always an obnoxious minority amongst our local wave riders. I was featured in Riptide magazine a couple times in the reader submission section as I’d bombard them with an envelope of drawings every couple of months. I actually used to prefer drawing drop knee riders as it looked better on paper and the movement you could get out of the style was way more appealing than someone lying on their guts.
More recently I lived in Port Macquarie, which is the self proclaimed bodyboarding capital of the world. I’d earned quite a reputation for my art skills and eventually buddied up with Clayton Pickworth who was running the local club at the time and more importantly the Drop Knee Sessions annual event. I’ve done their Merch art for the past 5 events and about to cook up some more for this years. That then led to producing my own booger related merch and working with local clubs to produce t-shirt designs for upcoming comps etc. I’m lucky that one I’ve my best mates is a wizard screen printer so we work well together to create a full product range.
Being an old angry fart all my favourite riders are all from 20+ years ago… Kyle Maligro, Phil Harnsberg, Ross McBride, Roach, Ryan Hardy, Bullet, Eppo….

Let’s talk music. What inspires you? Favourite records? What was your first musical crush? Any new bands you think people should listen to?
Music is essential to getting pumped during the day. Its usually my 3yo daughter playlist in the car first which is rad as we sing all the wrong lyrics together then it’ll be something chill in traffic so I don’t lose my mind…

My main preference is punk rock/ hardcore and a bit of ska, but then I love jamming reggae, dub and a few bits of hip hop.

I first discovered punk rock in art class at high school when a fellow student brought a Punk-o-rama sample CD to class. I remember hearing “Perfect People” by Pennywise and being blown away. I was into the Offspring at the time so the evolution was inevitable. It wasn’t that easy to hear new music back then as the internet wasn’t accessible for everyone so we vibed a lot with what was being played on surf, booger and skate videos. And you could forget about ever seeing anyone decent live in Tassie.
But my first real crush was definitely Millencollin. I was initially drawn to their album and merch art for ‘Life on a plate’ and fell in love with the music. They’re still in regular rotation today.
Favourite records I own are…

  • Descendents – I dont wanna grow up
  • Millencolin – life on a plate
  • Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes – Blossom
  • Pennywise – About Time
  • The Menzingers – On the Impossible Past
  • Black Sabbath – Paranoid
  • Thrice – the Artist in the Ambulance
  • Refused – the Shape of Punk to Come

I think everyone should listen to Turnstile but I was late to the party and only discovered them about 2 years ago so they’re not that new…

What’s the secret to a great BBQ? 
Like anything the secret is patience, time and passion to get better.
But realistically its good quality meat, consistent heat and smoke and adequate resting and a million other variables.

Anything else you want to add?
We are all just future ghosts piloting a meat suit that occupies a tiny rock floating through endless nothing so go out and do cool shit and try not to hurt anyone in the process…

Follow Simon and be inspired by his artwork: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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