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Global dropknee bodyboarding video contest launched

April 5, 2024 marks the day that entries open for The Resurrection, a dropknee bodyboarding video contest presented by VEHEMENCE in association with We Bodyboard and supported by Riptide magazine.

What is it?

The Resurrection” is a year long video contest featuring monthly winners.

Each month a winning entry will be selected. The 12 monthly winners will form a final round where a grand prize winner will be named. Select entries received will be compiled into a feature length film to be released at the conclusion of the contest.

The contest is open to all riders and filmers across the world, and any number of entries can be submitted.


For riders

● Grand winner: $250USD, 1 x VEHEMENCE bodyboard & leash
● Monthly winner: VEHEMENCE T-shirt & cap
● Random spot prizes: Assorted VEHEMENCE products

For filmers

● Grand winner: $250USD, VEHEMENCE clothing package
● Monthly winner: VEHEMENCE T-shirt & cap
● Random spot prizes: Assorted VEHEMENCE products

Each month the winning entry will be published on the VEHEMENCE instagram profile in
collaboration with We Bodyboard and RIptide magazine.

What makes a winning video?

IMPORTANT!: This is NOT a “best move” video contest.
Primary criteria: Speed. Power. Control. Style.

The judging team (VEHEMENCE, We Bodyboard, RIPTIDE and selected guests) will consider a number of elements when reviewing the entries, this includes, but not limited to: wave size and type, difficulty of the move, the way the video is filmed. As an example, a poorly film
incomplete move on a big wave may be favored over a well filmed completed move on a small wave.


Every month, submit any number of single move/single wave unedited videos, no longer than 45 seconds each. All video types are accepted as long as it features an individual riding dropknee/jackstance on a bodyboard, this includes water angles, POV and land angles.
Videos should be a min of 1080p/HD in landscape format. Videos are to be submitted online through the contest page on

Key dates

Each round is open from the 5th to 30th of each month with monthly winners announced/posted on the 6th of the following month.
● Initial entries to open 5 April 2024. Cut off is 30th April 2024.
● 1st winner 6 May 2024.
● Final winner 6 April 2025.
● Grand winner 5 May 2025.
● Feature length film release 1st June 2025.

Get out there and have some fun!

Visit the contest page and upload your videos.

The Resurrection - dropknee bodyboarding video contest

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